After one year vacuum from blogging, now i would like to state to all readers that i am back to write again in this blog. Some people may wonder the reason why i have been stopping from blogging such a long time but in the other hand, i still love to hear questions from some of my readers about the reason behind my vacuum to blog again (Obviously they chatted me on my facebook and emailed me. Btw i also thanks for those who adoring the articles on this blog. It makes me passionate again to blog).

That is actually one reason behind why this blog has never been updated in a year, and the reason is PREPARATION FOR MY MASTER DEGREE.

Since May 2015, i decided to dedicate myself to improve my english skills especially in grammar and pronunciation. Previously, i learned english by autodidact. I boldly practiced my english by directly having conversation with some of my english speaking friends that i found by the time i organise TEDx here in Surabaya and i also when i got a chance to get involve on some fellowship programs. After all this time, i started to realise that this skill would never make my english qualified for applying a scholarship for continuing my master degree.

I joined some courses in IALF Surabaya started from IELTS Preparation until study preparation in some upper intermediate levels. Even though you may still find some of mistakes and typos when you read this article (You may give me feedback when you find one), but at least i feel there is some improvisations on my english skill now and i makes me even confidence to blog in english :).

My preparation for master degree is not only about improving my IELTS score but also learning the most terrifying test called GMAT. the essay itself for this test is ten times harder compared to IELTS Writing Test part 2. Apart from that, i still need to work for my consulting clients and teach business and entrepreneurship at Universitas Ciputra Surabaya. Those businesses are honestly the reason why i vacuumed from blogging in exactly a year.

But i feel so thankful because my work hard has already paid off. About 3 days ago, i got an email from LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) The Republic of Indonesia which informed me that i got a chance to be one of its awardee form Batch 3 Selection Year 2016. Surely this email made my day and made me confidence to get unconditional letter of acceptance from some reputable universities. As an apology of my blogging vacuum in a year, some of articles that i would like to publish in this blog is related to some essays that required to apply for LPDP Scholarship. Hopefully those essays will give you some references to write your own essays and help you to get your dream scholarship.

In a nutshell, i would like to apology for those who already waited me to write some articles in this blog and by the time i publish this article, you will find this blog will be updated weekly like before. Cheerio!


PS. Both LPDP essays that would like to publish are about “My Contribution for Indonesia” and “the biggest success in my life”.