As an undergraduate majoring in International Business, I learned how entrepreneurship works and realize the dream of helping to be the catalyst of positive change in Indonesia. In 2012 i started a journey to create a social venture: TEDxTuguPahlawan (, a venture under lisence of TED ( that helps catalyze ideas that have an impact with the purpose of creating a better city and society in Surabaya.

TEDxTuguPahlawan actively organize various activities by inviting a wide range of brilliant experts to share ideas in a forum that is inclusive and inspiring. Along the journey, I managed to invite a wide rage of stakeholders to support the vision of TEDxTuguPahlawan. The Bank of Indonesia, The US Consulate General in Surabaya and Institut Francais d’Indonesie, are a few big names that actively support our activities.

Because of the active contribution in managing TEDxTuguPahlawan, on November 11th, 2014, I was invited to meet the US President Barack Obama in the event titled “Young Southeast Asia Leader’s Initiative”: Power of Collaboration in Myanmar.

In December 2013, at one of TEDxTuguPahlawan forum, I met my former mentor at Toastmaster Club who had just returned from his education in Environmental Entrepreneurship at University of Strathclyde. From him, I learned about sustainability and how important it is for the further economic development. In this course, both of us decided to establish an association for businessmen focusing on sustainability called BizComm International.

Furthermore, this association also inspired me to start a consulting firm: Ideaction Inc ( that focuses on innovation and sustainability. Adapting the design thinking method, we help our clients to create sustainable solutions for the future of its organization. In recent days, Ideaction Inc is focused on certain projects such as succession at Nizar (, mentoring many startup founders under a program called StartSurabaya and also get involved in a startup accelerator program that is initiated by The Government of Indonesia called “Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital” (

From TEDxTuguPahlawan to Ideaction Inc, my experience has helped me to shape who I am nowadays. But the most important thing, I have to realize that entrepreneurship is never static. It progresses along with the innovation and finding of new research. In order to be an entrepreneur who can be the catalyst of positive change in Indonesia, I still need a lot of development that might be able to help me face the challenges that always change fast and simultaneously.

The University of Edinburgh attracts the best minds in the world while asserting integrity and confidence, creating a thriving, edifying environment that I wish to be part of. Looking at the program structures on The MBA program, I found that most of the courses are really suit with my needs to develop my venture to the next level. By furthering my education there, I hope to gain insights and to learn from lecturers, fellow peers and even the dynamic ecosystem that carry similar aspirations as I do. Beside that, I believe that my background and experiences will be an added value to contribute in developing inclusive environment at the class. By improving the consulting firm that I will be in charge of, I believe that I will have the power to be the catalyst of positive change in developing innovation ecosystem in Indonesia.