For about two days ago in YSEALI chatting group, i knew that Andrew Lang – our camerabuddy in Myanmar – told us that the video documentation about our activity during the conference in Myanmar already finished, so we can start to check it out!

After watching the whole video, suddenly i was remembering back everyday that i spent along this conference. One thing that makes this conference really special was the participants itself. They are a bunch of talented youth from across ASEAN countries who came from so diverse background like engineer, activist, renewable energy consultant, entrepreneur, social enterprise founder and of course student. We were discussing a lot about economic growth, education and social justice in ASEAN especially Myanmar – the host country.

I wish that someday we still have a chance to collaborate together to make something impactful in our region. And i can’t wait when it can be started. Maybe in Ideaction Summit? Hahaha That’s my brand new idea actually dear readers. I’ll share to you later.

Btw credit for the camerabuddy. Thanks for freezing the moment!

Andrew Lang (Left)

I really sorry for my blog readers that i rarely post anything lately. I was busy of finishing my book and preparing my post graduate education. Wish me luck!
I’ll post something inspiring anymore once i get a spare time. Thank you for visiting my blog.


“Young people like you have to be the ones who lead us forward.” – U.S. President Barack Obama