Inspirational movie, recommended by a friend. Tells alot about kid with dyslexia.

In their school era, dyslexic kids usually looks like dumb, rebel and lazy. No matter how hard they study, it really hard to understand all of those subjects. In early years of their primary school, they cannot read even a single word.

For example :
The word “Ani”
Dyslexic kid maybe know about the letter of “A” but how about “ni”? Normal kid will be know that “ni” is a combination of “N” and “I” but dyslexic kid didn’t know about that.

But after watching this film, you’ll be know that dyslexic kid is not that dumb, rebel and lazy. They juat like any others with a special needed. They just need to know what is their passion and you’ll know that they are extraordinary.

~ Don’t worry dyslexic kids. We still have our own future. And the most important thing, we are not that stupid! ~