TEDxTuguPahlawan is a TEDx conference that infused Surabaya’s heroism spirit onto their entire activity. We strongly believe that Surabaya has a number of awesome people like artist, businessman, politician and other people with huge ideas that have various backgrounds. We aim to become catalyst for those people so that they can spread their ideas and represent Surabaya in the world.

And now, we open an opportunity for you to join us in our team to make Surabaya awesome.

Requirement :

1. Domiciled in Surabaya

2. Have your personal vehicle

3. Experienced in Organization

4. Really well in managing time

5. Cool, Creative and Proactive

6. Ever watch any TEDTalk (Whether directly or video only)

Open position for :

1. Social media strategist

2. Ticketing

3. Public Relation

4. Videography

5. Photography

6. Venue Management

7. Visual Communication Designer

8. Sponsorship

Interesting in any position, submit your details here.

For knowing more about our people, you can check our video below :

Or maybe you wanna check our talk? please visit our youtube chennel here.

Let’s Make Surabaya Awesome !